McCool Hall

Mississippi State

April 21-25th

5:00pm - 8:00pm

40 Start-ups

and Student Teams

Over $45,000

in Seed Money


Over five days, more than forty students teams will compete to receive as much as $10,000 per team to launch or grow their start-up!


Learn more about Entrepreneurship Week and Investing-in-Innovation (I3 Day) and how it ties in with the ongoing mission of Mississippi State University

"So what's exciting about student entrepreneurs is when they have an idea and the smarts to put it into a commercial prototype, it's exciting to see them do that. And we've seen a number of them come along. We now as of the last year or two have students really walking into the center with great ideas. What we want to do is provide a place for those students to be nurtured and go out on their own."

-- Gerald Nelson, Associate Director


  • Is Entrepreneurship Week Free?

    Yes! All events during Entrepreneurship Week (including I3 Day) are free to attend. You can come and go to any of it as you please.
  • What colleges are represented?

    Students from the College of Ag & Life Sciences; Arts & Sciences; Architecture, Art & Design; Business; Education; Engineering; and Forest Resources are all competing during Entrepreneurship Week! In fact, students from the College of Business represent just 29% of our competitors.
  • Why does MSU invest in entrepreneurship?

    The university understands entrepreneurs change the world. It embraces its role as a major contributor to the economic development of the state through targeted research and the transfer of ideas and technology to the public. MSU also recognizes that a wildly successful alumni base is critical to the success of future students through their mentorship and financial contributions long-term. The reality is for many students their college start-up venture may be their last entrepreneurial pursuit; however, the skills and knowledge they gain in the process represents a tremendous educational opportunity, accelerating them light-years ahead of their peers.
  • Do students retain their IP?

    Yes! With rare exceptions (such as projects resulting directly from federal grant funding), students retain full rights to any intellectual property they develop at MSU. It is also not common practice for the university to retain equity in student start-ups -- in fact, our primary funding source explicitly states that it expects no return, equity position or royalties. Over time we've found our entrepreneurial alumni to be more than willing to give back with their time, expertise, and money. (See Sponsors)


Please take a moment to thank our generous sponsors who enable our students to take ideas to reality.

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